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River no 2

Sussex, Sierra Leone

Who we are

Sussex is a beautiful and richly historical village along the peninsula. We are comprised of two villages (with two headmen and councils, in fact). “Upper” Sussex is called “Kingtom” and was settled by liberated slaves in 1824. “Lower” Sussex which is called Sherbro-town was settled earlier, by Sherbro fishers around 1750.By the 1930s the village had a population of 425, split fairly evenly between the Sherbros and liberated slaves. Despite our different origins, we are, for the most part, a single village. We keep two separate councils for cultural reasons — the Sherbro and the Creole people have some different cultural activities that are managed separately.

We busy ourselves with the usual peninsula activities — coal, stone mining, fishing and petty trade. We also make wooden canoes (come Sundays and watch!) and have an abundance of breadfruit trees (ask us to make you breadfruit chips, they’re delicious!).

River no 2 Beach?

Hard Riders: a new start for child soldiers

Wi Fritong-Wi Fritong is a documentary following a day in the life of four Freetown residents- Kadiatu, a market trader- Alimamy who runs a fim group for street youth- Josephine, a university student and women’s campaigner and Drama, a street youth who supports others on the streets trying to promote their talent

Sunday Marches, Freetown

Diamond Child School of Arts & Culture - Goderich


Bunce Island