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Lakka, Sierra Leone

Who we are

Lakka lives and breathes beach tourism. We’re used to tourists, we love tourists and we want more tourists! We have a stunning, long beach, plenty of places to sit under an umbrella and enjoy the sun, read a book and sip from a coconut (or sip something stronger).

There are plenty of places for you to stay with us – several privately owned beach quarters and we are busy developing a community owned and operated community tourism facility (under construction right now just as this web site is – so ask us how progress is going when you come by!)

Those of us not involved in tourism support ourselves through fishing, farming, gardening and sand mining.

We are Sherbro, Temne and Mende, Fullah, Limba, Kono and Loko.


Lakka was founded by Pa Lakka, a Sherbro fisherman.

Our heroes: Pa David Johnson encouraged investors to develop some of our land so that the youth in our community would have jobs.  Mr Zechariah Douglas is also admired by many of us because he brought investors who constructed a hotel on village land. Mr Bruno Gaston is one of our heroes because of his role in bringing electricity to us!

Sewa River

Banana Island (Ricketts), Sierra Leone

Who we are

Ricketts may take a small effort to get to, but it’s worth it. Our village is located in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We’re part of the Banana Islands (comprised of Mes-Meheux, Dublin and Ricketts). You can reach us by boat – either by taking a boat to Dublin Island and walking the spectacular trail to us or by taking a boat directly to our village. We harvest sea cucumbers, we fish and we farm. We are predominantly Sherbro and Creole.

We’re islanders – and like islanders all over the world, we’re easy-going, friendly and hard working!


Ricketts is named after Major H. J. Ricketts who, after retiring from the army, worked in the Liberated African Department of Sierra Leone. He founded numerous villages for newly landed liberated Africans though he later fled Sierra Leone due to his unpopularity with the local population. The town Ricketts itself was founded in 1830 and by 1847 it had grown to  population of 300

River no.2



Peninsula Road. Freetown

Lumley Beach

A couple on a motorcycle make their way down a dusty road outside Bo

At Fulawahun village near Bo

John Obey Beach

Nadoh (Outside) Ice Cream Palace