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Along the Peninsula Road south of Freetown, Sierra Leone, grand homes under perpetual construction (owners build as they get money) are a constant sight. This creates jobs, and improvised housing mushrooming along the deeply potholed road.

Kent Beach

Paper Chaser (Remix) Dyce LamTek ft Succulent, Star Zee & Kao Denero

"Boats at River No.2"

by Joss Plant

A young lad carrying a crate of empty soda bottles on his head.”

by lesrickford1


by Emma Sundelin

@ Lakka beach 
by Emma Sundelin

@ Lakka beach

by Emma Sundelin

Small Boy, Big Load

by Makgobokgobo

Charlotte Falls By @VisitSL

old currency

Bureh Beach


Lumley Beach

Mamah Beach

Okada Man

An Okada (motorcycle taxi) rider at Congo Cross