Beautiful Sierra Leone, its Cultures, Beaches and People

'Land that we love, Our Sierra Leone'
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A young lad carrying a crate of empty soda bottles on his head.”

by lesrickford1

Okada Man

An Okada (motorcycle taxi) rider at Congo Cross

Under Congo Cross Bridge 

Family life in one of the settlements that have sprung up under Freetown’s bridges.



Peninsula Road. Freetown

Lumley Beach

Beginning of Rainy Season

View from the lower pool deck at the Barmoi Hotel.

Sunday Marches, Freetown

Diamond Child School of Arts & Culture - Goderich


Sierra Leone is one of those unique destinations you can’t even begin to formulate expectations for. Venturing into the previously war-torn region of West Africa is like charting a new course on the ever-expanding tourist trail. Sierra Leone is set up to succeed at reopening its doors to a host of travellers seeking something different, something meaningful. It has that  elusive combination of cultural experiences, wildlife-viewing opportunities, stunning white-sand beaches and warm, friendly locals. With the country stable and safe, now is the time to meet the people of Sierra Leone and help them build their tourist infrastructure in a sustainable way, helping preserve history, cultures and natural resources for future generations of locals and travellers alike..


St Paul’s Parish Church, Wilberforce, Freetown

Law Court and Cotton Tree, Freetown