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Calabash hangbag?

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Money na bank - Various Artists


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Dallas Bantan - Gangster town

OBITUARY ANNOUNCEMENT The Hon. Major-General Jollof Rice wishes to announce the sudden death of his daughter Mrs Fry Soup which took place on 20th October, 2011 in the Pantry at Crain Crain Town. She is survived by her children Raw Fish and Cow Beef of the Pepper soup factory. Cousins include the Jakato Family and the Big Pepper family of 71 Okra Street. Aunts and Uncles include Mrs. Yabass, Sisi Kanya Pepper, Mr and Mrs Tola of 8 Cow Belleh Lane and Mr Salt of the United States of Jumbo Cube. The Tin Tamatis and Masankay Pamine families of No 1 Pot Corner. Step-father - Pa Bonga of the Alakpa Corner. Close friends include Jakitomboy, Jolabaytay, Dry Okro and Brigadier Coal Pot, a former employee of the Bitter Leaf and Foofoo Corporation. The body will be laid out at the Kitchen Funeral Parlor Sunday 30th November, 2011 at 4:00pm.Mr Iron Spoon and Miss Ebakor are all invited to the funeral ceremony. A grand procession will leave the Mouth Compound for Stomach Village Cemetery passing through Throat Avenue after the funeral ceremony at exactly 7:00p.m.dinner time. The Bands of Plates, Spoons, Forks and Knives will be in attendance to lead the procession. Please bear this announcement in mind and make it a point of duty to attend as you are all a close friend of the deceased. Otherwise, narangry go katch una. LONTA_____________________
___________I must be REALLY, REALLY hungry for Sierra Leonean food!!!
Bea Kabba-Panda

Sara D Great - skit for Emmerson’s Go Fen Am Video

(in Krio)

Project Fame, Sierra Leone Auditions

LOL, Love Mama Salone

wan uman lapa bin go si wichdohkta. in titi dem waka bisai. di wichdohkta bin gladi fo si di titi dem en i tel di man, “wetin yu wan, leh yu tok am na mi yes en na so ah go gi yu bohmfi. ba mek ah wohn yu: yu geht wan wish nomoh!” di man wispa na in yes. e wo, di man no sabi se di wichdohkta dehf smohl. di wichdohkta mek in juju, tete di man tan krokrodai. wan titi ala pan di wichdohkta: yu alakori donkoh! i no bin se “mek mi krokrodai”. di wichdohkta aks am: O’O na wetin i bin se? di titi riplai: i bin se “mek mi kro kro dai!”
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Daddy Saj - Gbomgolo

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Wase Big - Triple C